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Savor an experience where Gerber cheese was invented

In the Spedition building, the cheese loaves were once delivered and stored, and the finished products were prepared for delivery.

Founded in Langnau in 1836, the cheese, fur and leather trading company Gerber & Co, moved to Thun around 1850. Towards the end of the 19th century, it was renamed Gerberkäse AG, with its activities increasingly focused on dairy products.

In 1911, the pioneers Walter Gerber and Fritz Stettler succeeded in making cheese last longer by using a special melting process: they thus founded the Swiss processed cheese industry. In 1920, Gerberkäsli were launched in the characteristic round boxes. Other innovations were to follow, including Gala heavy cream cheese and ready-made fondue.

In 2009, Emmi closed the production site of Gerberkäse AG, which it had acquired in 2003. The boutique hotel Spedition and its restaurant continue the tradition of innovation: with homely design and the perfect blend of the tried-and-tested and the modern.

The history of Gerberkäse AG can be felt and experienced: with its 120-year-old oak beams that have carried many a loaf of cheese, with the old doors that have seen so many come and go...

Unique ambience thanks to design of Stylt Trampoli

Great hospitality is based on positive emotions. At the Spedition you will experience modern design and more, an unforgettable stay speaking to all five senses.